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CELLiST Solution Center helps accelerate cell culture medium development and maximize production efficiency

CELLiST, the cell culture medium supply brand of Ajinomoto Genexine, a cell culture medium research and manufacturing company, has begun to strengthen service and quality, including supplying customized products through its own solution center.

Ajinomoto Genexine is a company that provides cell culture medium research and development, manufacturing, and medium consignment production services. Through CELLiST, a cell culture medium brand created by consolidating Ajinomoto's medium manufacturing technology and know-how from over 30 years of serum-free medium research, we are producing high-quality cell culture medium that meets both excellent cell growth speed and protein production ability.

CELLiST has secured a manufacturing line that complies with cGMP standards by incorporating the ICH guideline and ASQUA, Ajinomoto's quality assurance system based on it. Through this, we stably supply a diverse range of high-quality products required by domestic and foreign bio companies, ranging from amino acid mixtures to cell culture media for the production of customized biopharmaceuticals.

In particular, CELLiST Solution Center is operated as a support center that accelerates customer development and maximizes production efficiency to secure price competitiveness.

We develop and provide optimal conditions for the customer's cell line, including medium composition and culture conditions, using cutting-edge testing equipment and IT technology. We also provide CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls) data related to cell culture media required in the process of obtaining approval from regulatory authorities for biopharmaceuticals developed by customers.

CELLiST CHO cell-specific cell culture medium can be applied to all CHO cell lines, including CHO-K1, CHO-S, CHO-DG44, and CHO-DXB11. It also has an advantage in terms of performance by using high-quality amino acids. Productivity is high due to excellent cell growth and protein expression, and the powder method is effective for storage for 3 years, making it easy to manage. It is a chemically identified CHO cell culture medium that excludes animal-derived ingredients, so it can respond to regulatory situations such as ethical and environmental pollution. This is possible.

In addition, we are supporting companies that want to change their existing cell culture media to the CELLiST series (Media Switch) through the SWITCH PROGRAM. Companies that use this program can change their cell culture medium within one year after a minimum product development period of six months.

In addition, we utilize the media library held by our own research center to select optimal media candidates, and provide technical services necessary for changing customer cell culture media as well as service quality through shortening and optimizing the period by applying cutting-edge systems such as DoE and Digital Twin technology. The plan is to strengthen it.

CELLiST once again proved its expertise by participating in ‘Bio Korea 2022’, Korea’s largest health industry international convention event that introduces excellent domestic and foreign bio companies and technologies. About 700 companies from 50 countries participated in the convention, attended by more than 14,000 people, and promoted the CELLiST series, a high-quality cell culture medium, standing shoulder to shoulder with domestic and foreign bio industry companies.

An official from Ajinomoto Genexine said, “CELLiST quickly supplies high-quality cell culture media to help our customers reduce costs, secure productivity, and gain a competitive edge in the biopharmaceutical industry market.” He added, “CELLiST solutions help domestic and foreign bio companies grow.” “We will continue to improve quality and service by revitalizing the center,” he said.


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