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5/8~10 Held at COEX in Seoul...Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea participated for 3 consecutive years

Introducing ‘BASAL CHO MX’, ‘F7’, and ‘HEK293 Vaccine media/Gene Therapy media’

Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea, a cell culture medium development and manufacturing company,

announced that it will participate in ‘BIO KOREA 2024’ held at COEX C Hall in Seoul from Wednesday, May 8 to Friday, May 10.

‘BIO KOREA 2024’, jointly held by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute and Chungcheongbuk-do,

is an expo designed to promote the excellence of Korea’s biohealth industry to the world and provide a venue for business revitalization

and technology exchange between domestic and foreign companies. ‘BIO KOREA 2024’, which marks its 19th anniversary this year,

will feature leading domestic and foreign companies in the biohealth field and present various programs such as exhibitions,

business partnering, conferences, and investment fairs.

Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea, which has participated in BIO KOREA 2024 for three consecutive years, introduces ‘CELLiST’,

a brand completed through 30 years of accumulated research.

In particular, the new cell culture media ‘BASAL CHO MX’ and ‘F7’ and the soon-to-be-released ‘HEK293 Vaccine media/Gene Therapy media’

will be covered in depth, raising expectations.

The new product, BASAL CHO MX, is a cell culture medium developed based on the CHO-M cell line

(a CHO-K1-based cell line from Selexis) in collaboration with ‘KBI Biopharma’ of the United States and ‘JSR Life Sciences’ of Japan.

This product can further enhance culture performance and can be used on all CHO cell lines, making it highly versatile.

F7 is a feed media that applies Ajinomoto Group's proprietary cysteine stabilization technology.

It is characterized by a stable and continuous supply of cysteine to CHO cells throughout the culture, improving performance.

There are two types of media dedicated to HEK293 cells, which are scheduled to be released: HEK293 Vaccine media suitable for virus vaccine production, 

nd HEK293 Gene therapy media for the purpose of gene therapy.

Prior to the official launch in the market, samples are being distributed to Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea customers.

Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea official said, “CELLiST is a cell culture medium brand for biopharmaceuticals with excellent production capabilities

including high-quality amino acids,” and added, “As we have revealed various product information and new products through the exhibition every year,

this time, we will also introduce Cellist to many new customers.”

“We plan to introduce new products and provide samples.”


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